For Parents

Supporting Your Student
in College and Beyond

Many students are academically and technically prepared— but are deficient in the essential life skills they require to optimize their collegiate and post-college experiences. Freshman Playbook empowers students to develop the life skills that are critical for thriving in and out of the classroom.

Through research-backed, expert-vetted, high-utility instruction, training, and support, Freshman Playbook guides students’ development in essential skills that they require and that parents enthusiastically support, including:

Time management (Yellow)
Achieving Effective Time Management
Brain (Yellow)
Building Enduring Resiliency
Work (Yellow)
Finding a Rewarding Internship or Job

Teaching teens about finances
Double Chevron (Yellow)

The anchor of each lesson is a short video that combines student experiences and expert guidance to introduce the challenge that will be addressed and how to resolve it.  

Coaching is also available to reinforce instruction and aid in the development of your student.