Freshman Playbook

Modules Overview

Freshman Playbook teaches students the skills THEY need to quickly adjust and excel on campus, while helping them think about and prepare for what’s next. The basic course is under an hour for each of the three modules, but students can spend far more time on tools and practice and additional content.

Module One : Productivity

Discipline • Resourcefulness • Time Management

Module Two : Resiliency

Overcoming Obstacles • Self-Compassion • Dealing with Change

Module Three : Planning

Launching Your College Life • Finding Support • Building Your Plan

Module One : Productivity

We all want to succeed but sometimes it can feel impossible. In this module you will learn why some students can get everything done while others cannot. You will practice self-control, identifying obstacles, and managing time. You will master the content, practice the skills, and develop new strengths.

  • Lesson 1: Discipline
  • Lesson 2: Resourcefulness
  • Lesson 3: Time Management
  • Assessment: Evaluating your productivity skills
  • Personal Playbook: Exercises to practice, tools to use, content to review to build productivity

Module Two : Resiliency

Resiliency is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity. Resiliency allows us to move through challenging circumstances, emerging in a position to recover and be happy again. In this module, you will practice techniques to develop resiliency to strengthen your comfort with change and uncertainty.

  • Lesson 1: Overcoming Obstacles
  • Lesson 2: Self-compassion
  • Lesson 3: Dealing with Change
  • Assessment: Evaluating your resiliency
  • Personal Playbook: Exercises to practice, tools to use, content to review to build resiliency

Module Three : Planning

What are my interests? What are my strengths? What’s important to me? This module helps you think about taking full advantage of your college years to assess your path forward, build networks, find internships, create experiential learning opportunities, and flourish.

  • Lesson 1: Launching Your College Life
  • Lesson 2: Finding Support
  • Lesson 3: Building Your Plan
  • Assessment: Exploring your career readiness
  • Personal Playbook: National Internship Finder, plus exercises and content to build your career readiness