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Freshman Playbook is the path to your strongest college start! This unique program, designed specifically for first-year college students, teaches and develops life skills critical for college and beyond. Through a guided learning path and personalized training, you’ll be ready to step into the best college experience possible on every level, in and out of the classroom.

  • Research-driven instructional modules provide engaging lessons that students can access on-the-go, and learn at their own pace and convenience.
  • Personal Playbooks deliver continuing, individualized support through exercises, self-reflection tools, and additional, targeted resources.
  • Planning guidance includes unlimited use of the nation’s largest database of paid and unpaid internships plus access to “micro” internships.
  • Personalized coaching amplifies results with subject experts providing individualized support.


$ 99

Student Playbook Online Learning Modules and Videos


Playbook Plus

$ 199

All Student Playbook Online Modules and Videos + 2 Hours Coaching

Playbook Premium

$ 499

All Student Playbook Online Modules and Videos + 10 Hours Coaching

Support (Orange)

Freshman Playbook supports students’ transition from high school to college.

Accelerate (Orange)

Freshman Playbook accelerates students’ acclimation and immersion into the college experience and environment.

Modules (Orange)

Three college preparatory modules for improved productivity, resilience, and life planning.

Welcome to Freshman Playbook!

Freshman Playbook helps students build three life skills that research shows are among the most critical in managing the transition to college and the demands of college overall.

  • Productivity – How do you get stuff done? What is self-control? Why is resourcefulness important? What does effective time management look like?
  • Resiliency – How do you identify obstacles and overcome them? What is self-compassion? How do you approach and deal with change?
  • Planning – How do you get your college career off to a good start? Where do you look for support and what do you do with it? How do you build a plan to make the most of your undergraduate experience and prepare for your next steps?

The program combines short, concentrated bursts of instruction through video, reading, and assessment (Modules) supplemented by exercises, tools, and additional resources to support students’ understanding and execution (Personal Playbooks).

Many people find its best to go through the three Modules before classes start and to use the Personal Playbooks throughout the first year of college.

Each Module takes less than an hour. Personal Playbooks are perfect for quick reminders or longer practice sessions or comprehensive development work.

Personal Playbooks provide a collection of resources students can rely on to practice skills; to remember and reinforce the learnings; to read, watch, or listen to additional related resources; and to use in everyday life and studies, like creating a project plan or helping you think through your self-compassion.

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How Freshman Playbook Works

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Why Freshman Playbook?


“While a majority of corporate and academic respondents feel their new recruits and students are prepared with hard skills, more than 40% of corporations and almost 50% of academic institutions said new hires lack the soft skills to perform at a high level in a professional environment.”

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Bloomberg Next 2018 study

“People skills do matter. Research released in early 2016 by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center suggested 85 percent of job success (think business success) comes from having well developed soft or people skills.”

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Chicago Tribune, August 20, 2017

“Clearly, a wide gap exists between the life skills graduates have and the ones they still need to learn. Most of the grads we studied scrambled to learn such essential new skills as money management, household repairs, and how to advance in their careers and communicate better on the job.”

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University of Washington, 2016 Report

Alison Head, Research Scientist

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